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My name is Hein Meurs and I am from the Netherlands. For some time now I have been campaigning through social media to ensure that the World Cup Qatar 2022 will not be held there. I have also made a plea for this in Dutch newspapers and on the news radio and especially called on (sports) journalists to make a case for this.

Nevertheless, I think that the greatest chance of achieving this lies in the situation of a world-famous (ex-) footballer or football coach speaking out against this World Cup. Given the current political and social climate, with a focus on racism and human rights, the likelihood of success in this seems realistic, provided that it is constantly pointed out and published about.

All over the world there are blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts calling for action against this World Cup and petitions to sign. All well-intentioned initiatives, but each in itself not efficient and effective. My call is therefore to join forces internationally, join forces and thereby form a large, massive movement that can actually exert influence. With a much longer range, so also a much greater chance of getting a big, well-known football name to pronounce.

Through this message and this call I hope for a much wider reach and worldwide cooperation, but I also hope for useful tips, addresses, contacts, proposals to achieve this. Thanks in advance!

Hein Meurs

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